India will soon become self-reliant in every sector: Baba Ramdev

India will soon become self-reliant in every sector: Baba Ramdev

India will soon become self reliant in every sector, says Yoga guru Baba Ramdev by extending his support to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s clarion call for ‘ Atmanirbharata’.

Ramdev said in a video message that “For the first time since Independence, the country has a Prime Minister whose personality reflects Swadeshi, Yoga, nationalism and self-reliance. Modi ji is an ideal for self-reliant India and an inspiration for us. It is the dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to be vocal for local and make local global. We will all work to realise that dream”.

This statement by Ramdev come after Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to all spiritual leaders to promote “Atmanirbharta” (self-reliance) by going vocal for local.

Ramdev further added “I am in contact with several kathakars, acharyas, and gurus. Our spiritual gurus have connectivity with crores of people across the country. We will join hands to become vocal for local. This will lead to a revolution of self-reliance”.

“I am certain, India will become self-reliant in every sector from agriculture to the corporate field, health, education, research and manufacturing sectors,” he added, urging people to use indigenous products and prevent crores of rupees from going to multinational companies.All the spiritual leaders should amplify the message of “Atmanirbharta” and preach about the benefits of ‘vocal for local’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 16 said.

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