How to Boost Your Internet Speed When Everyone Is Working

How to Boost Your Internet Speed When Everyone Is Working

Are you still working from home? Or you have some gigs that require some homework after office hours? Well, this can all be quite interesting but it is only a matter of time when your internet becomes slow and there is not much you can do about it.

Moreover, there are times when you are using the internet during peak hours which means the load on the internet is high and multiple devices are running on that single connection that is causing it to be slow.

This usually happens to cable internet customers when they are using a shared network and when most of the people are using that connection simultaneously which can slow down everyone’s connection. However there are times when this slow speed is basically our own fault, or we are just missing a smart trick that can help us get off that problem.

Well, if your internet connection is slow then there might be few things that you are not fully aware of or you might be doing wrong. Read further so that you can catch up to the tricks that can help you get the internet speed that you desire.

1.Analyze Your Data Caps

Usually, we tend to ignore the importance of data caps and how much they can affect our internet usage. Many providers don’t advertise the fact that they are placing a limit on your data usage and it can lead you to several complications and limits your freedom of making the most out of your connection.

However, there are providers such as RCN that give you a chance to use unlimited data every month and pose no restrictions for you to feel bound or stressed. RCN is also famous for its variety of bundled offers where you can not only enjoy their blazing fast internet connection but can also take optimum services of RCN Cable and home phone.

2.Let Your Router Take Rest

Keep in mind that your router is technical equipment that needs a break or a reboot now and then to stay intact. If your internet is slow and you are facing speed issues this is one of the first things you should try to do. You should reset it!

Whether it is a mesh router or you also have a separate modem you must consider resting them both at least once a week. Just turning it off and then turning it on after a few seconds can do wonders to your internet speed.

3.Relocate Your Router

This is also one of the quick fixes that you can do if your internet is not working as fast as you want it to be. There is a possibility that the router is placed at a spot from where the signals are not transmitted as perfectly as you expect.

Therefore, you must find a place that doesn’t seem like a remote corner and the Wi-Fi signal is not compromised. You only have to replace your router in the middle of your house or the same level where you are using it.

4.Give Ethernet a Chance

We understand the wireless connections are gaining popularity as they provide more convenience to the user. But we cannot ignore the fact that the strength of the directly connected wire is more robust than a wireless signal.

Cabled connections such as Ethernet are reliable and user-oriented where you don’t have to worry about peak hours or signal strength so it can be a good choice if you rely on wired connection rather than over-the-air transmissions.

5. Install Antiviruses

Viruses do have a disturbing effect on the speed of your internet connection. So it is highly recommended that you install an antivirus right away. Not using an anti-virus can not only put a major drag on your internet speed but it can also be dangerous for your data.

Speaking of data, you should also try to clear the cache from your internet browser. This is for the websites that collect your information for the reason of sending you ads. So if you see the same ads everywhere it can be because of the cache that can also become a reason for your internet lagging.

Our Final Take

If you are interested in keeping your internet speed fast then you should work on it. The tricks that we have mentioned today will highly assist you in boosting your internet speed so go through them carefully.

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